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December 2015

Northampton, UK

Oakmont Limited announce the launch and availability of an updated cloud based web application for home owners to maintain a confidential record of the contents and assets around their home.

Oakmont Asset & Content Register provides the ability to register all your important assets and belongings in and around your home that matter to you and your family on the Asset and Content Register. If any should be lost, stolen or damaged, the Oakmont team will provide you, or your nominated representative with details and photographic evidence of your assets and belongings. For more details including an online demonstration.

Click Here >> Oakmont Asset & Content Register

July 2014

Northampton, UK

Oakmont Limited annouce the launch and availability of a cloud based web application for wine collectors and wine cellar owners.

myWine Rack™ provides users the ability to capture details of their wine collection, maintain tasting notes, stock and inventory of each wine, bin number (if recorded) and keep a record of the source and price of your wine.

Equally users can keep a record of that extra special wine they enjoyed on holiday or while dining out. Use their phone to grab a picture of the wine label and add personal tasting notes for future reference.

myWine Rack™provides a comprehensive glossary and includes details of Wine Styles, Colours and Taste Descriptors

myWine Rack™ users have the option to share some of their wine information and details with other users and in return receive details on their collection. This would include such details as the wine name, where purchased, price per bottle, wine tasting notes and rating. Should you have surplus wine you will have the ability to flag this to myWine Rack™ users and arrange to either exchange or sell their wine.

For further information and to activate a 30 day free trial:

Click here >> myWine Rack™


January 2014

IBM Connect 2014, Orlando Florida

IBM has made key announcements @ IBM Connect 2014 on 27th January 2014.Here are the following key highlights of IBM Connect 2014 :

IBM’s Mail Next: Original in the Social Business Enterprise? - IBM’s new next generation web mail experience is creating the most buzz among attendees at the IBM Connect 2014 conference in Orlando, Fla. today. The new solution — called “Mail Next” — is being hailed by many on Twitter today as an innovative, exceptional mail experience and a new way to consume and manage email through social-like capabilities.

IBM adds new capabilities to Kenexa human resources suite - At its Connect 2014 conference here IBM Corp. today announced new capabilities to its software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based Kenexa Talent Suite tool that it says will enable human resources officers not only streamline to on-boarding process but also gain actionable insights from the vast amounts of data produced each day by their employees.

IBM reveals radical email interface rethink - IBM has revealed a radical new user interface for email at its Connect 2014 conference in the USA. Dubbed Mail Next, the new interface is inspired by social media and billed as a quantum leap beyond the likes of Outlook.

Leo Burnett Worldwide Surveys Its Global Workforce Using IBM’s Behavioral Analytics Technology - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Leo Burnett Worldwide is using its workforce talent management software to analyze people surveys, strengthen its global workforce, drive revenue and increase retention.

February 2013

IBM Connect 2013 Orlando, Florida - Highlights
First thing to note about IBM Connect 2013 is that it is no longer called Lotusphere! Indeed, there was no sign of the word Lotus anywhere to be seen at the event. This is consistent with IBM's decision to rename the brand ICS (IBM Collaboration Solutions). Consequently, IBM Connect 2013 was all about IBM's Social Business Platform, which according to IBM, helps create exceptional web experiences, build a smarter workforce and is designed for adoption. Attendance at IBM Connect was apparently up 10% over 2012 and business leader attendance almost doubled to over 2,000 organisations. Certainly, the word the on ground was that vendors in the showcase had seen a better quality of lead generated at the event this year over recent years.

Key announcements:
Messaging - Notes/Domino
IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition is available in beta now (January 2013) and was ultimately released in March this year. Click here for more info

Key additions in this version are:
An Updates page for rendering activity streams and active content in Notes and iNotes.
A browser plugin for extending Notes applications to a browser without any modification or development.
A Discovery page that will tell users about new and existing features and teach people how to get the most benefit from them.
IBM Docs as a web-based attachment viewer. IBM Docs is a suite of browser-based office editors available in the Cloud.
HTML5-based drag and drop of files.

Mobility - Connections, Traveler & Sametime
In December IBM released a new version of its Connections Mobile app which allows you to do everything you can do from the Connections web interface plus interact with Traveler and Sametime Mobile. Connections 4.5 Mobile will be released in March 2013 and will support File Sync, a Drop Box-like capability that will allow you to keep all your files in sync across all of your devices. Future versions of Connections Mobile will also allow you to preview files before downloading and allow you to edit files with IBM Docs.

IBM Notes Traveler now supports high availability and failover and the new Traveler client has added To Do functionality. The Traveler app for IBM Notes 9, to be released in March, will support Windows 8 Phone, Windows RT Surface Tablets and Blackberry 10 in addition to the iOS and Android devices it supports today. Traveler will work with IBM Docs to allow users to view files in a secure way.

IBM Sametime Mobile includes a rich Chat and Meetings app integrated with the device so that incoming messages go into the notification center and pictures and video can be easily shared. The next release of Sametime Mobile will add voice and video on iOS and Android devices including telephony support.

Blackberry (RIM) announced the latest version their mobile operating system and Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 (BES 10). BES 10 can now also manage Apple iOS and Google Android. IBM Traveler will add support for BB 10 devices in March 2013.

Social Collaboration Software - Connections
The next version of IBM Connections version 4.5 which will ship in March. Connections 4.5 will provide:
Social analytics capabilities for analysing data from both inside and outside the organisation, including Facebook and Twitter as well as information from audio and video feeds.
Deeper integration with Microsoft Outlook enabling people to access their profiles, files and communities directly from the Microsoft Office email application.
Content Management. ECM will be a native service to Connections in 4.5. This allows documents and their processes to be integrated into the social collaboration flow.
Revised style sheets for making Connections look like a corporate brand and the ability to customise the look and feel of Profiles.
File Sync (see mobile update above).

Connections Mail which allows people to monitor and act on incoming email and calendar entries from within the Connections interface is available for both Notes/Domino and iNotes.

Overall, we believe this will be seen as a successful conference by IBM and many of the vendors who had paid to be at the Showcase. Specifically, we suspect that IBM will be relieved that the name change from Lotusphere did not have an adverse effect on attendance or enthusiasm.

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