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myWine Rack™ launched for wine buffs and collectors

Northamptonshire , UK

Oakmont Limited announce the launch and availability of a cloud based web application for wine collectors and wine cellar owners.

myWine Rack™ provides users the ability to capture details of their wine collection, maintain tasting notes, stock and inventory of each wine, bin number (if recorded) and keep a record of the source and price of your wine. Equally users can keep a record of that extra special wine they enjoyed on holiday or while dining out. Use their phone to grab a picture of the wine label and add personal tasting notes for future reference.

myWine Rack™provides a comprehensive glossary and includes details of Wine Styles, Colours and Taste Descriptors

myWine Rack™ users have the option to share some of their wine information and details with other users and in return receive details on their collection. This would include such details as the wine name, where purchased, price per bottle, wine tasting notes and rating. Should you have surplus wine you will have the ability to flag this to myWine Rack™ users and arrange to either exchange or sell their wine. For further information and to activate a 30 day free trial:

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