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Solutions for Small Business Enterprises


 Oakmont Asset Register

Register all your important business assets [ eg Laptops & PC's, Mobile Phones] provided to your staff on the Asset Register. Track who is using what and ensure they are returned when they are replaced or staff leave your organisation.

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 Oakmont Business Procedure Web Sites

Provide the ability to document and share with employees your required business processes and procedures. This will ensure compliance with "best practise", audit, Sarbanne Oxley, and ISO requirements. Eliminates the need to produce costly SOP type guides and ensures your employees all have access to the same procedures regardless of whether they are office based, home office workers or regularly travelling.


Oakmont Project Log

Log and track Issues, Actions and Decisions for your customer or internal projects. Available 24/7 to nominated personnel and customer members of your management and project teams. The log will automatically email nominated project team members when items are added or updated in the log. To access a demonstration version of the Oakmont Project Log.

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User Name = Oakmont Demo & Password = password [these are all case sensitive]

The Project Log can also hold key documents relating to the project.

Oakmont Purchase Order system

No more spreadsheets on an individual employee's PC or laptop. The web enabled Purchase Order system provides your business the ability to raise PO's, capturing supplier, product, Cost Centre and Account code details. Workflow will provide an Approval process and when a PO is approved -- automatically emailing these to the vendor for immediate attention and action. To access a demonstration version of the Oakmont Purchase Order solution.

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User Name = Oakmont Demo & Password = password [these are all case sensitive]

Note : Approval workflow can not be completed in the demo version.

Oakmont Project Time Manager

Capture project team members time by client and activity for accurate billing to customers and clients.