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Terms & Conditions

1. Parties to the Oakmont Limited Asset & Content Register Agreement / Validity
This agreement, arranged by Oakmont Limited, 2 Church Gardens, Westry, Cambridgeshire,UK and the applicant - in the following called customer. This agreement becomes valid with the receipt of the login by the customer into the Oakmont Asset & Content Register website or the receipt of the signed enrolment form. The service is carried out and warranted by Oakmont Limited, Northampton, UK who holds the rights to Oakmont Asset & Content Register.

2. Registration of the customer Data / Entitlements
The customer can submit data, such as, personal asset details, etc., to Oakmont Limited by:

1. using the website
2. telephone
3. completing the enrolment form in customer fulfilment pack

Oakmont Limited registers this data / information. The customer explicitly confirms and ensures that all data submitted is correct and rightfully in the possession of the customer. Oakmont Limited is entitled to take all necessary action involving all data submitted by the customer in order to provide the Oakmont Limited Asset & Content Register services.

3. Password
The customer will agree upon a password with Oakmont Limited. For secure identification the customer must mention this password when calling Oakmont Limited. The password must be treated with absolute confidentiality and must not be disclosed to any other person.

4. Loss of registration card - Oakmont Limited Asset & Content Register.
The customer agrees to immediately report any loss of registration card(s) as soon as known. If the loss was caused by a criminal act, the customer will, without delay, file a police report.

Copies of Personal Data
If requested, Oakmont Limited will, in the case of loss of assets and contents, forward copies of data held in the customer's personal asset and content register to any address or contact given by the customer, provided the data had previously been submitted to Oakmont Limited beforehand.

5. Liability
Oakmont limited will not be liable if the processing of a loss report can not be completed because the customer did not submit necessary data / documents or data submitted was incorrect. Oakmont Limited is also not liable for the further correct processing of any reported loss by the responsible insurer.

6. Oakmont Limited
1. Uses information about the customer for the purpose of providing the customer with appropriate services. Oakmont Limited is committed to protect the privacy of the customers and the confidentiality and security of information entrusted to them.

The following sets out how we collect, use, release and secure customer data.

Oakmont Limited will:

a. exchange information about the customer with processors and suppliers in order to administer and service customer requirements and process and collect payments;

b. unless the customer asks us not to, use information about the customer, in order that we may develop or make offers to the customer (by mail or telephone) of products and services in which we believe the customer may be interested. The information used may be obtained from the customer application, subsequent updates of that information and from surveys. We may use the customer e-mail address to send the customer the following types of communication:

Regularly scheduled e-mail advising you of payment due dates or system maintenance or outages.
General communications concerning customer membership.

c. monitor and/or record customer communications to us or ours to the customer, either ourselves or by reputable organisations contracted to us to ensure consistent servicing levels (including staff training), account operation and dispute resolution; undertake all of the above within the United Kingdom and the European Union.

d. If the customer wishes to have their name removed from any marketing programmes, they should contact Oakmont Limited directly on +44 1354 662663 or write to:
Oakmont Limited,
2 Church Gardens, Westry, Cambridgeshire, England

It will help us if customers provide their full name, postal address, and, if a registered Oakmont Limited Asset & Content register user the customer unique user access ID. Please allow 40 days for the request to become effective.

2. We use advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to help ensure your information is processed promptly, accurately and completely in accordance with the applicable law. If the customer believes that any information held is incorrect or incomplete, the customer should contact Oakmont Limited without delay at: Oakmont Limited, 2 Church Gardens, Westry, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0BQ

Tel: 01354 662663


Any information, which is found to be incorrect, will be corrected promptly.

3. If the customer asks, we will tell the customer what information we hold about them and provide it to the customer in accordance with applicable law. There may be a charge for this, as permitted by law. Please write to:
Oakmont Limited,
2 Church Gardens, Westry, Cambridgeshire, England

We will keep information about customers only for so long as it is appropriate for the above purposes or as required by applicable law. Customers are advised that any telephone calls made to Oakmont Limited may be recorded. These recordings may be used to monitor the accuracy of information provided by the customers and the staff. They may also be used to allow for additional training to be provided, or proving that the procedures comply with legal requirements. Staff are aware that conversations can be monitored and recorded.

7. Term and Cancellation
The agreement will be valid for 12 months and the customer's account will be charged after this period at the prevailing rate as and when required for future subscriptions, unless cancelled by the customer in writing.

8. Payment
The customer agrees that Oakmont Limited deducts the quarterly fee via PayPal and your nominated payment method at the beginning of each period of 3 months. Oakmont Limited reserves the right to amend the fee from time to time.

9. Right to Revoke the Consent to This Agreement
The customer has the right to revoke their consent to this agreement without any further obligations. This right can be executed within 14 days after the date when this agreement became valid by sending a written, signed communication to: Oakmont Limited,
2 Church Gardens, Westry, Cambridgeshire,, England.

10. Customer Service
If the customer has a complaint about any aspect of the Oakmont Limited Asset and Content Register service, please contact: Oakmont Limited,
2 Church Gardens, Westry, Cambridgeshire,, England.

Oakmont Limited will acknowledge the customer complaint and provide them with the name of the person dealing with the complaint.

Upon receiving a customer complaint Oakmont Limited will confirm a final response or let them know when a final response can be expected.

Our aim is to get it right, first time every time. If we make a mistake we will try to put it right promptly.

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