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Privacy Statement

We track how our site is used by both visitors and our registered customers. One way we track is by using a small string of text that is sent to your browser known as a "cookie". Cookies collect information that includes the server your computer is logged onto, your browser type (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information.
Using cookies enables us to recognise your computer if you or someone else using your computer returns to our site, and to keep track of the pages on our site that you or another user of your computer visit.

You can adjust your computer browser settings so that you are informed when a cookie is being placed on your browser. You can also set your browser to decline or accept all cookies. However, if you choose to register with Oakmont Limited you must accept cookies in order to access pages that enable you to view your confidential asset and content information. These cookies are essential for site administration and security.

We also have the ability to log all authenticated user access. This requires a user to have provided an active user name and password.

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Collection of Personal Information
When you become a registered user of our web site, and enrol with us, you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. This data is held seperately from your asset and content register, thus ensuring your personal data remains secure.

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The information you provide
Throughout this section there are words and phrases, which have a special meaning wherever they appear. They are as follows:

We', 'our', 'us' means Oakmont Limited

Oakmont Limited uses information about you to process transactions you conduct on our web site, and to process applications and deliver the products and services you enrol in or apply for. The data that is entrusted to us is never given to third parties for gain or other marketing purposes.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of customers and the confidentiality and security of information entrusted to us. The following sets out how we collect, use, release and secure your information, which includes information you provide when you subscribe to use the Oakmont Asset & Content Register.

1. Oakmont Limited will:

1.1 exchange information about you with processors and suppliers in order to administer and service your requirements and process and collect payments;

1.2 unless you ask us not to, use information about you, in order that we may develop or make offers to you (by mail or telephone) of products and services in which we believe you may be interested. The information used may be obtained from your application, subsequent updates of that information and from surveys. We may use your e-mail address to send you the following types of communication:

Regularly scheduled e-mail advising you of payment due dates or system maintenance or outages.

General communications concerning your membership.

1.3 monitor and/or record your communications to us or ours to you, either ourselves or by reputable organisations contracted to us to ensure consistent servicing levels (including staff training), account operation and dispute resolution;

1.4 undertake all of the above within the United Kingdom and the European Union.

2. If you wish to have your name removed from any marketing programmes, please contact Oakmont Limited directly on 01604 675204 or write to us at:

Oakmont Limited, PO Box 178. Northampton NN4 0ZX

It will help us if you provide your full name, postal address, and, if you are a registered Oakmont Limited Asset & Content register user your unique user access ID. Please allow 40 days for your request to become effective.

3. We use advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to help ensure your information is processed promptly, accurately and completely in accordance with the applicable law. If you believe that any information we hold is incorrect or incomplete, you should contact us without delay at:

Oakmont Limited, PO Box 178. Northampton NN4 0ZX

Tel: 01604 675204


Any information which is found to be incorrect will be corrected promptly.

4. If you ask, we will tell you what information we hold about you and provide it to you in accordance with applicable law. There may be a charge for this, as permitted by law.

Please write to: Oakmont Limited, PO Box 178. Northampton NN4 0ZX

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SSL Technology and how you benefit from it

Oakmont Limited realises how important security is to you, so we've taken a number of steps to enhance the protection of personal or confidential information sent to or from Oakmont Limited over the Internet. First, we establish a "secure session", using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology. This is done any time you supply or access personal or confidential information in one of our secure online areas.

SSL Technology creates a private conversation that only your computer and Oakmont Limited systems can understand. The SSL Technology encodes information as it is being sent over the Internet between your computer and Oakmont Limited systems, helping to ensure that the transmitted information remains confidential.

The use of SSL requires two components: an SSL-compatible browser and a Web server to perform the "key-exchange" that establishes a secure connection to Oakmont Limited Web server systems.
Oakmont Limited's SSL key is a 128 bit key from GlobalSign.

The technological requirements needed to benefit from SSL Technology

1. A Compliant Browser
In order to securely access your personal information via the Internet, you will need a browser with SSL capabilities. We recommend you use the latest browser versions available to ensure you have a browser with SSL capabilities. Examples of SSL browsers include Netscape 2.0 and above, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 2.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above, and the Web browser for America Online version 3.0 for Windows and above. (Note that some older versions of browsers will not support SSL sessions and some older versions of browsers are not Java or JavaScript-enabled, which means that you may not be able to view all the features on the Oakmont Limited Asset & Content Register Web site). If you don't already have a JavaScript-enabled browser with SSL capabilities, you can download an SSL and JavaScript-enabled browser from any of the links below.

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

2. A Compliant Internet Service Provider
Nearly all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) automatically enable the SSL session described above. If you use your company's internal connection to access the Internet and you find you cannot access the Oakmont Limited secure pages with an SSL browser described above, your company may be blocking access via a "firewall." Please speak to your employer's Internet access systems administrator for further details on your network's Internet access.

3. Enabled Cookies
You also must have enabled cookies on your browser in order to access confidential information. If you have chosen to disable cookies on your browser, you will not be able to access confidential information.
User ID and Password. The site requires the use of a User ID and Password as an additional security measure that helps protect your confidential information. This allows Oakmont Limited to verify who you are, thereby allowing you access to your account information, and preventing unauthorised access.

When you have finished using a secure area, make sure you always click on "Log Out" which appears on the left-hand side of every secure page. When you click on it, you will end your secure session. No further secure transactions can be conducted without re-entering your User ID and Password.
You should be aware that browser software often "caches" a page as you look at it, meaning that some pages are saved in your computer's temporary memory. Therefore, you may find that clicking on your "Back" button shows you a saved version of a previously viewed page. Caching in no way affects the security of your confidential User ID or Password. If you use a computer in a public place to access your account information, simply quit/exit the browser software before leaving to minimize the possibility of anyone else viewing your confidential information.

Linking to other Internet Sites
You should be aware that other Internet sites that you link to from the Oakmont Limited site may not be secure. To ensure your privacy is protected, we recommend that you review the privacy statements of other Internet sites you visit

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