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Oakmont Asset & Content Register

Keeping your details, contents and assets secure

Trust us.

Oakmont Limited takes the security of your personal details as seriously as you do. You can rely on us to take all the necessary steps to protect your online security.

These are the same sophisticated security measures used by most companies and banks to protect their customers' data. For added peace of mind, you can reassure yourself that your register is secure because when you log on you will see a golden padlock at the bottom of the screen - the recognised symbol of online security. The system runs server software provided by IBM and used by large corporations globally across all business sectors.

Your contents and asset register is stored separately and independent from our customer database. When you send your details to our server, the data is transmitted in code via a 128bit key and is non-decipherable in transit. When it reaches us, we decode it using the key. We also add a further level of security with firewall protection for our server.

Each register is held in your own database and can only be accessed using your unique User ID and password.

To access a demonstration version of th Asset Register click here

User Name = AR Demo & Password = password [these are all case sensitive]

View an introduction presentation [PDF] by clicking here

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it by clicking Adobe



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